Rental period 4:30 hours

Distance 20 KM

city view

In detail (this tour requires a driving licence)

For a rental period of four hours we recommend a tour into the city centre. When you leave the City-Marina, turn right towards the Island of Youth. This may be passed both right and left, we recommend passing first on the right side and then left past the tip of the Stralau peninsula. You continue along the Spree under the Elsen bridge, past the famous Molecule Man, through the Osthafen and under the Oberbaum bridge. Then you pass the East Side Gallery and the Mercedes Benz Arena. After passing under Schillingbrücke, Michaelkirchbrücke and Jannowitzbrücke you will see the Mühlendamm-Schleuse in front of you. After the lock you will pass the Museum Island, the Friedrichstraße and the Reichstag. Shortly afterwards you will reach the main station. Here it is already time to turn around and drive back to the Citymarina. On the way back you drive between the former border footbridge and the bathing ship, past the MS Hoppetosse, the sunken MS Dr. Ingrid Wengler and the Molecule Man.

Attention: This tour is possible between 18-22 o’clock without radio. In addition, a sport boat driving licence (Binnen/Motor) is required.

The section Mühlendammschleuse to Lessingbrücke is radio compulsory between 10:30-19:00 o’clock. Our large boats (Premium L and Pina) can also be equipped with radio. But a radio certificate UBI is necessary or simply book a skipper with us.

Please allow about 20 minutes for the briefing and takeover of the boats.


This tour is available for following boats.

Hedi - Spreeboote


The Hedi is free to drive. It can accommodate up to 8 people.

9 PS