Our Spreeboote offers

We have put together a few very special packages for you: be it “BBQ with friends on the Spree” or “Breakfast on the water”, our Spreeboote offers are simply a treat. There are also specials that have nothing to do with food from our harbour kitchen. You like an offer? Then book it hassle free and swiftly online.

spreeboote berlin bbq

BBQ with friends on the Spree

6 hours with the Eva and a grill for 350€

9 to 15 o'clock
Mon - Fr
incl. Grill


With the team on the Spree (Boat Juli)

Rent a license-free boat with WC for your team event. From 9 to 14 o'clock with the "Juli" at a fixed price of 415€ incl. fuel and liability reduction.

9 to 14 o'clock
Mon - Fri
boat with WC


Go swimming with the Leo (new)

6 hours on the small Müggelsee for 349€. May the fun in the water with the Coco begin.

9 to 15 o'clock
Mon - Fri
boat with WC


Discover Berlin with the beautiful Pina

This 5 hour tour takes you from our harbour (City-Marina) over the Landwehrkanal and the historical Berlin to almost all attractions that Berlin has to offer from the water. Includes picknick box, skipper and a bottle of champagne.

10 to 15 o'clock
Mon - Fri
incl. Skipper


Breakfast on the water

Start the day with your loved ones and the Hedi on the Spree: 3 hours from 9 to 12 o'clock for a fixed price including fuel and liability reduction.

09 to 12 o'clock