Tableware: Are there glasses, cutlery and plates on board the boats?

Our hire boats do not have any tableware on board as standard. If you order an optional drinks, barbecue or picnic package, however, the necessary equipment is included.

Refrigeration: Is there cooling equipment/a fridge on board?

We do offer the option of hiring a cool box, however.

Cool box: How large are the cool boxes offered for hire?

Our cool boxes run with dry ice. They have a capacity of 43 litres and the cooling chamber has an area of 480 x 300 mm and a height of 300 mm. Please, don't touch the dry ice!

Kühlbox Spreeboote Kühlbox Spreeboote

Self-catering: Can I take my own food and drinks on board?

Of course - the catering that we offer is an optional extra and intended for those who want to keep things as simple as possible.

Barbecue: Is there a barbecue on board?

No, but a special enclosed barbecue including charcoal and a lighter can be selected when making the booking. We will also clean it after use.

Catering: How can I book picnic hampers, barbecues and drinks?

You can add picnic hampers, barbecues and drinks packages when you book your preferred boat. Should you need additional drinks, you can pick these up in the harbour kitchen.
You can of course also take your own catering with you on board.