Goals of this tour:

  • little Müggelsee

Rental period 6:30 hours

Distance 36 KM

Nature view

swimming trip

in detail

You drive from the Citymarina in the direction of Schöneweide (south-southeast) along the Spree, past the island of Bullenbruch, the BVG ferry Baumschulenweg and the Britzer connecting canal. Now you continue under the Stubenrauch bridge past the Spreehöfen and unter´m Kaisersteg. After passing the former Kabelwerk Oberspree (KwO), you will see the Kranhauscafé on your left and continue along the Spree in the direction of Wuhlheide. It goes past the Wuhle, then turn left into the Müggelspree, past the restaurant ship ars Vivendi. Now it goes under the Salvador Allende bridge, shortly behind the bridge a small footbridge with the “yellow wave” symbol is to be seen. Here you usually have the opportunity to moor and stop at the Bistro Cafè Evelin for coffee and cake or a cool drink (and a visit to the toilet). Following the Müggelspree, you will pass the Spree Ark to the Großer Müggelsee. Cross the lake along the fairway past the DLrG tower Müggelhort and the Kleine Müggelsee. There you can anchor, swim and let the sun shine on your stomach. Then it goes on the well-known way back to the home port Citymarina.

Attention: Boats with a combustion engine are only allowed to sail on the Müggelsee within the fairway.

Please allow an additional 20 minutes for briefing and takeover of the boats.


This tour is available for following boats.

COCO - Spreeboote


The new Coco is licence free and has a bow thruster. It seats 9 people.

15 PS