Tableware: Are there glasses, cutlery and plates on board the boats?

Our hire boats do not have any tableware on board as standard. If you order an optional drinks, barbecue or picnic package, however, the necessary equipment is included.

Dogs: Are dogs allowed on board?

If you want to bring your dog (allowed up to a maximum of 8 kg) on board one of our Spreeboote, please specify so in your booking. Please also note that we charge an extra cleaning fee of 15 Euros, due to the resulting cleaning effort.

Canoes/kayaks: Do you also hire out canoes or kayaks?

Unfortunately we do not hire out canoes or kayaks.

Children: Are there life jackets for children too?

We have plenty of life jackets for adults and children alike. Life jackets for children can be ordered free of charge when placing the booking. Available from a body weight of 3 kg, so even your very small sailors are safe on the go.

Music playback: How can I play my music on the boats?

All of our boats have a radio with Bluetooth connectivity, to which you can easily connect your playback device (provided it has Bluetooth too) and enjoy your music on board.

Refrigeration: Is there cooling equipment/a fridge on board?

We do offer the option of hiring a cool box, however.

Cool box: How large are the cool boxes offered for hire?

Our cool boxes run with dry ice. They have a capacity of 43 litres and the cooling chamber has an area of 480 x 300 mm and a height of 300 mm. Please, don't touch the dry ice!

Kühlbox Spreeboote Kühlbox Spreeboote

Self-catering: Can I take my own food and drinks on board?

Of course - the catering that we offer is an optional extra and intended for those who want to keep things as simple as possible.

Routes: Where am I allowed to drive in a Spreeboot?

Boats with up to 5 HP that do not require a licence may be driven on the Spree as far as Oberbaumbrücke, boats requiring a licence with more than 5 HP and the Mascha - as long as you have a boat licence - may be driven as far as Jannowitzbrücke and through the city centre between 7.00pm and 9.00am. You can also navigate the Landwehrkanal in both directions with electric boats, which will take you some distance into the city.
There are no restrictions in the direction of Köpenick. You can go anywhere on the Müggelsee with electric boats.
Before departing you will be given a map, which you can also view here to plan your trip.

Overview: Map of waterways - Spreeboote

Barbecue: Is there a barbecue on board?

No, but a special enclosed barbecue including charcoal and a lighter can be selected when making the booking. We will also clean it after use.